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Hatching_It, post: 184138 wrote:
Yyyeeaahhh.. I was reading three threads at once and was writing back to all three whilst trying to read another article.. Posted this reply then switched tabs and saw the right thread but then couldn’t find this thread again.. Got confused, thought maybe I imagined it all and went and sent a PM instead..

Thanks for pulling me up..

What I meant to write in this thread was about having some kind of fair use policy so you don’t get a few people hurting the support of others by calling you every time their laptop screen is blank (PLUG IT IN!!!!!)

Oh sweet,, thought i had a drinking problem… well, actually, your reply doesnt confirm or deny this thought although does highlight that maybe not quite yet… oops.. Hic…

May i share? i think your multitasking is taking things to the next level for a guy! LOL..


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