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Novel concept!

I have for the past 19 years offered free telephone support 5 minutes per call 1 call per day, to all clients. It is a value added service.

At one point I offered it to the general public. I still would if I was in that market, as its impossible to bill for 5 minutes.

To me there could be a lot of potential for problems with your idea.

What happens if you can’t fix it remotely?
eg. “I paid you for this service. now you want to charge me more to collect / on site” – You could offer substantial discount for this.

When you use words like unlimited, they really must mean that or legally you have a major problem. Haven’t some ISPs been raked over the coals by the ACCC about their use of the term?

Restricting it to a single device would not be attractive to residential customers, but could be ok for businesses.

Have you considered selling support tickets (bulk?) in advance at a discounted rate?