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Brooke Curline
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HayleyGS, post: 184115 wrote:
Hello helpful people :)

Has anyone used a good 3PL/fulfillment company in Sydney that they would recommend? The company I use now are just making way too many mistakes and would like to get it right the second time!

We require minimal storage and pick/pack/ship of roughly 100 orders per month, av 2 products per order Australia wide as well as NZ and Singapore.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Hayley,
We supply Rebel Sport so we need to be EDI compliant. We use SupplyLinq in Sydney – their HO is in Melbourne. Can’t recommend them highly enough – have never had an issue in 3 years and the support staff (we have a lovely girl called Amy who looks after us like gold) are fantastic.
Well worth the phone call.
Kind Regards
Brooke Curline