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I.T. Guaranteed
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Hi Morgan,

I will not commence a large job with out some sort of confirmation.
Most of mine will be customers replying to a quote (These days my quotes are formal letters in PDF form attached to an email), but sometimes someone will just ring up and say “I would like to proceed with that quote that you sent. “

After being bitten (client changed their mind / employee), I will now always request an email confirmation, or a purchase order. It forms a legally binding contract, and once you have that everyone knows where they stand.

In the programming industry it keeps the line drawn on change requests too. That is both parties know what will be delivered. Any change requests get another quote and require another confirmation / purchase order. I have never had a project get out of hand.

As a small business myself I don’t give out purchase order numbers – I don’t think I have ever been asked in 19 years of business.

Hope this info helps.