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Hi Ryan,

Welcome… you may find a few people in here that use similar sites, why is yours any better? why would it bring alternative people to those that are not already seeing things on ebay for example?

Also, why would you be offering a $50 credit for those that sign up three friends if it costs nothing to list? Just curious… Will this be a service whereby all things you would normally be used to receiving are charged for? and the zero fee is just the bare minimum?

Look forward to your reply, and sorry, when were you launching?

Personally, i do have a few other questions like:
1. is it australian based?
2. is it driven for certain markets?
3. is it your business?
4. how big is your team behind this project?
5. at what level are you planning on marketing this business so listers get exposure?

Speak soon and look forward to seeing you around..


Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: [email protected]   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888