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Hi guy,

My apologies, I read your response from home and then forgot about it at work yesterday!

It really comes down to eWAY and Stripe being on different agreements with NAB and providing very different services.

When Stripe went live in Australia they came in with an absolute bargain basement price which , without trying to instigate an argument, is very much a ‘no frills’ service. They’ve focussed on developers and easy integration but for merchants, there’s very little in the way of ‘extras’ or ‘perks’ (besides of course that it’s cheaper)

The International card transaction fees aren’t listed because these are assessed mostly on a per merchant application. Stripe can set there’s because as you’ve touched on, they’re acting kind of as an aggregator, in that they’re controlling your merchant account for you.

Don’t take this as gospel because anything can change, but at the moment from what I know we’re not looking at offering a similar ‘no frills’ service to Stripe, we’re focused on providing an enterprise platform for businesses at still affordable for small businesses.

So yes, our smaller plans are more expensive but you’re getting things like:

– Overnight settlement
– Transactional Emails (eWAY email receipts can contain automatic remarketing to your clients)
– Social Connect
– Fraud Prevention
– Local support team of 30+ staff plus staff in UK and Canada for overnight support
– 3dSecure (mandated by Westpac for a lot of their customers)
– A whole host more.

See more products etc here – http://www.eway.com.au/how-it-works/payment-products

And yes, we absolutely want to look after the Australian market which is why you see us at most eCommerce and retail shows, all of Australian based forums (I’m not here to sell, I’m not even in a sales position at eWAY, I just see questions about eCommerce etc and want to lend an ‘expert opinion’)