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James Rayers, post: 198875 wrote:
I know this comment (quoted) isn’t having a dig at using Canvas, but I just wanted to clarify for anybody that might get confused.

Under the right guidance, using a skeleton theme like Canvas as the base of a website (WordPress or otherwise) is highly recommended.

Provided your developer understands how to work in harmony with the theme (through child theming etc), there are substantial savings and technology benefits from using this methodology.

Thanks James,
I like WordPress, and that’s what the developer has done, created a child theme from Canvas.
There are some issues with plugins, that the webdeveloper didn’t resolve. I brought in another person to help fix the plugins (save time & further anguish) and some other architecture faults. He looked at the CSS style sheet, this is where he picked it up.
I don’t think the developer has worked in harmony. Daniel said exactly the same as this other guy
‘Definitely useful but if overused can be messy to maintain and could lead to bad structure and in turn performance’

Google diving,WP forums, studies have confirmed the above, and the probable compatibility as well. The general consensus from coders is ‘When do you use !important?- Never’

I have only upgraded the plugins, not the themes, because we could lose the facade of the website.
I could be over panicking, but Mr ex-webdeveloper is no where to be found.
Any help would be appreciated.