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Licia.mcc, post: 192085 wrote:
Hi, I’m new to this site but have found it chock full of helpful & insightful information!

I am in the process of starting my own clothing line & was hoping anyone who has done the same or who has had any experience dealing with or importing from China could give me some advice.

I can find the exact type of fabrics I need (floral prints on heavy cotton for shirts) on sites like fabrictraders.com & onlinefabricstore.com, but they cost far far too much for me to make the product & it still be sold at a competitive price (around $40). I have therefore been looking into buying the fabric from China. The problem is I can’t seem to find any clear examples of what the manufactures have, or they want me to buy a minimum of 4000meters without even having a sample! Not sure how that could work?

I have been trying to go through chinadirectsourcing.com but haven’t had much luck there either. Is it just a long haul search to find a manufacturer in China or is there an easier way?

ANY advice, feedback, tips or what not to do would be greatly appreciated! I am passionate about my product & not giving up, but there seem to be a lot of brick walls to break down along the way!

Thanks :)

Hi Licia,

Are you considering using plain fabric to start out instead of printing fabric? 4000 m per printing is too much for you to start out. They will make the fabric sample for you but they will ask you to commit the bulk order (of 4000 m). Or there is the other way is using similar pattern fabric that your manufacturer might find for you. Hope the a.m is of help.