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John Debrincat
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help4bis.com, post: 194095 wrote:
I think you are misinformed on that one John.

Look no website needs to be build http://store4167057.ecwid.com/ no website needed.

Ahh I see that it is your copyright on that site – “© 2014 help4bis.com” so its your site? If that is an example of ecwid in action then, well my opinion has not changed.

help4bis.com, post: 194095 wrote:
Ebay… again John it appears that you are misinformed.
http://kb.ecwid.com/w/page/67610746/eBay%20Commerce%20Network it works along the same principles as a Magento store with feeds.
Not only that it works for google, ebay and amazon no real duplicate effort required.

NO I am not misinformed at all, edwid does not have any native integration to allow products to be listed on eBay and eBay stores and then be able to manage inventory and orders via a single system in the online shop. ecwid does allow a data feed to the eBay eCommerce Network which is an advertising platform for eBay and used to be called shopping.com. It is a targeted ad placement service much like Google Shopping or Getprice.

help4bis.com, post: 194095 wrote:
You can setup a shop and have it on FB only, an option if you do not want a domain or website.

A shop on a Facebook page will not replace having your own website. Facebook is a great platform for some things but at the end of the day it is a social platform.

So back to the core issue ecwid is basically a shopping cart plugin that can be used with an existing website. It is a reasonably good plugin and works OK. Yes I do know and understand ecwid.

If you go to the ecwid website I think that their own marketing message makes it very clear what they do – “Add an online store – start selling on your existing website now