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Hi Damian

Welcome to the forums.

Plenty of great ideas above regarding choosing a business name. Keep in mind that, whilst its a good idea to stick to the same name for brand recognition, it is not set in stone and its possible to change trading name.


DamianMoloney, post: 193978 wrote:
Hey everyone,

I’m finally getting serious about my drumming tuition services in my hometown and surrounding areas, and soon will be looking to get a big enough reputation to go online!

I’m looking for as much advice as possible for my first startup, especially any tips on accounting and marketing, as well as branding.

My first concern is the actual name of the business. This is something I don’t want to take lightly, I feel as though choosing a compatible name which the public can gain an easy grasp on will help spread my brand. It needs to be modular so I can apply it to another form of business if I decide to pivot or branch off to second field (in this case being audio production and mastering).

names I’ve tossed around so far –

  1. DM Drumming
  2. DMDrumming
  3. DMD
  4. Moloney Drums
  5. MoloneyDrums
  6. DMDL
  7. MoloneyDrumLessons
  8. MoloneyDrumTuition

So that’s where I’m seated at the moment guys. Anyone who’s willing to have a chat please don’t hesitate!

Damian Moloney