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garysvpa, post: 194352 wrote:
I think it would be difficult to get the site back. How about creating your own domain now? For the technical side, if you just want a one time transaction (to create the site), you can get someone from Fiverr.com for only $5. If you want someone to maintain the site, you can hire from Odesk or Elance.

If you have time you can learn to build the site yourself too, so you wont have a problem if your IT person leaves.

True there are a lot of good people on fiverr…. but generally for one time transaction.
Odesk and Elance are good sources for experts (we get a lot of work from there). The issue is still.
A site needs somewhere to live, odesk/elance/fiverr does not provide that.
A site needs to be managed, odesk/elance/fiverr do have resources on that who do that but generally once offs. Not on a monthly basis.

I think an IT guy is needed that allows for learning, growth and development… as it so happens i know such a guy :-) Wink wink.

We always recommend that the customer registers their domains in their name, we do the hard work and all the customer has to do is press pay and it is theirs. If not we walk them through the process. It is key that a business owns its IP and Information, as that is where the money sits…. not the products….not the brick and mortar…. the IP and information (eg customer list).