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John Romaine
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MD Clean, post: 199880 wrote:
Hi John,

I hope your AMA is still open for business.

Sure :)

MD Clean, post: 199880 wrote:
I have 3 questions:

1. How do I show up in search results for each suburb within the Gold Coast eg, Commercial Cleaner Robina, Commercial Cleaner Ashmore etc

This is a very common problem for service providers that cover a large number of regions/districts/suburbs.

There are a few ways……

1. The right way. Read this…


This method is ideal, however it takes effort on the part of the business owner. In my findings, most business owners are either unmotivated, time poor, or don’t think it’s important.

2. Another method is building out “location” specific pages. This isn’t ideal, but it does work – although for how much longer is anyone’s guess. It gets messy, especially if you’re wanting to target say, 300 odd suburbs.

Essentially you’ll want to create a “service areas” parent page, and list all of the regions/suburbs/areas you service, and link to each page individually.

So you might end up with something like …..


Then hang each suburb off that.


If there’s a lot of them break them up into regions or districts.

What’s really important is that you ensure each page is unique. I see a lot of business owners creating near duplicate pages (they just change the suburb name) and that’s asking for trouble.

MD Clean, post: 199880 wrote:
2. Can I have multiple Google Business Pages? – 1 for each suburb and 1 for the Region

Don’t do that. That would be a total nightmare to try and manage. Just list your main location under the one.

MD Clean, post: 199880 wrote:
3. How do I “engineer” a Google Business Page for the Region ie, the Gold Coast – at the moment, I am showing for my suburb only?

See above.