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MD Clean, post: 199956 wrote:
I always try to do the right thing but Google can be confusing at times…

It doesn’t help when others are probably gaming the system but are (at least temporarily) getting good results.

So instead of just copying their tactics and hoping to get their results, I come on here to ask about the right way to do things.
Hi MD Clean,
There is so much inaccurate, outdated and spammy content on Google’s My Business listings that I find them a useless joke.

They obviously give Google a lot of headaches because it keeps removing whole business categories from time to time.

There was a time when it deleted the business category “locksmiths” because people were rorting the category with telemarketing “locksmith” services thoughout the USA.

I see it has removed these business categories in Aust: “ad agencies, “web designers”, “Internet marketers”, “SEO services”.

Yet it still lists, “search engine marketing”. What a surprise! :rolleyes:

It seems to take G a long time to do anything about spam My Business listings. I’d find G much more useful if it stopped wasting our time and taking up screen space with this dumb function.

For what it is worth, try this approach:

How To Report Spammy Google Listings

Don’t hold your breath.