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MD Clean, post: 200017 wrote:
At least Google are letting us know where they are going in future so for a business like mine (same industry but new business name and website 6 months ago) it gives me plenty of time to build out my content.
Hi Paul,
I wish…

Where G is “going” is trying to make money and don’t expect “My Business” listings to be immune from this objective.

In the USA back in 2010, it test marketed charging small businesses $25 per month for a listing service that was a precursor to “My Business” listings.

Feb 2010: Google New Local Ad Category Invades The “7 Pack”

“It just went live in two test cities: San Jose CA and Houston Texas. Here’s how Google describes it and its value to local business owners…”

If I remember correctly, there were a lot of complaints from the paying subscribers that Google couldn’t get their listings right and G shut the test and their department that was running it after a while.