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Byron Trzeciak
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Well done on your effort and getting the site up and running.

First thoughts.

– Took a few clicks to get through to the point that I could add to cart. Try to make this journey as short as possible.
– Pictures look quite amateur for some of the headers you’ve used but I like the consistency in photos for the single images of hammocks.
– I added to cart and then went to view my cart and got a page not found which is a big worry for you – http://westcoasthammocks.com.au/cart/
– on the same cart page the sidebar changes and lists what looks like the pages that are part of the theme demo.
– something warps in the footer on that page also, you might be able to fix all those issues if you get fix the cart error page. What I would say was remove any demo pages or pages that aren’t part of your website, otherwise it ruins your crawling and can warp your keyword density and other seo aspects.
– Put your phone number on the homepage if you want people to call, up high.
– On your contact us page get your contact form in the visible, above the fold, part of the screen.

The section on what our customers say about us looks weird, i’d remove it until you have at least two or three just to fill that space out a bit.

Overall SEO wise it’s got many issues.
– thin content
– poor website and url structure
– no meta titles or meta descriptions (install yoast plugin)

I have to be honest, I like your product but I wouldn’t give my credit card details to your website, if you had an ebay store though then I would buy from you though.