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Hello there,

As a first attempt I think you’ve done really well. Beyond what everyone has said so far, I do have a couple of other small design pointers:

The main slider image is loading quite slowly. You might want to see if you can reduce the file size of that a little. (To optimize your site images across the whole site I recommend a WordPress plugin called Smush.it)

It would look more aesthetically pleasing if the ‘Ticket to the moon’ link on the homepage fell in line with the other 3 links you have there. This could be done by simply cropping some of the white space around the TTTM logo image.

Maybe adding a footer to your site would work too. This is a good area to place your full contact details, another custom menu, even the ‘Swiss Engineered’ logo. Stuff you would like to be viewable on every page basically.

Within the main shop sections of the site, you might want to consider adding some descriptions to go along side each product. The product pages are very short on information; just simple details about size, materials, colors etc would suffice. Online shoppers expect that at the very least.

Anyway, all said and done, you have done a good job getting a site up and running. It is a functioning online store.

However, as Byron states you have some SEO issues and will receive little organic traffic as it stands. If you want any free advice on how to get the site ranking higher on Google feel free to send me an email.