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ClickyEmail, post: 195063 wrote:
Hey Steve, good to have you here :) I was following your other twitter account, I didn’t realise it has all changed for you in the last few years! (I’m @niphal as personal account).

What’s the new app you’re building? Website? Saas like it’s 1999?

Hi Andrew, great to see you again!

Sorry for the huge delay in replying, would you believe it’s taken this long for me to articulate what our product does?

Konveen is an essential productivity tool that improves your meeting outcomes and adds accountability to every discussion.

It works brilliantly in face to face meetings or you can use our built in video function for one click virtual meetings!

We’re building this to help us with client engagement and we thought that others would benefit from an app that can structure meetings, consultation and even sales calls.

We have a beta sign up list which we’d love anyone, that wants their meetings to run smoothly, to join so we can get their valuable feedback.

I’m not sure if I can add a URL here at the risk of coming across a bit spammy so I’ll leave it for the moment.