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samaz, post: 203471 wrote:

I am glad you found a solution. I have been using the following module http://www.twinkler.co.uk/shop/prestashop-payment-gateway-modules/26-anz-egatebank-hosted-for-prestashop-14.html. You can check my front office at http://www.elegantlighting.com.au

It works well but I am also looking for alternative option for my other shop. What’s your shop url. I would love to see the front office

Few different ones, we base our shops on magento, using multiple shops. We generally manage all the shop end2end for our customers as they learn the ropes and want more responsiblity.

For example
Jackson Produce is joint managed by us and by jackson produce.
Then again theoriginals is fully managed by us and kept simple.
YAS industries is another example.

We use Eway, paypal and some other payment gateways, each shop has its own gateway, customer base, invoice look and feel etc.
Each shop owner gets as much or as little acces and responsiblity as they want.
Some want only be able to add products and fullfill orders, whilst others want to manage all. The bottom line is that when you get the keys you will a working shop with your own order, invoices look and feel and shop look and feel.