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John Romaine
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IncredibleCo, post: 196180 wrote:
Just because you’re not getting any conversions doesn’t mean that your website is bad.

It’s FAR more likely that you’re just not driving enough traffic to it.

How many visitors per month are you getting?

You’ll likely need to get 1000 visitors just to make 1 – 3 sales.

Focus on driving traffic to your website rather than optimising it for now.

Get that right first and then you can work on your website later.

Cheers – Phil.

This is such terrible advice, that I just don’t know where to start.

There is absolutely NO POINT in driving traffic to a website that is not converting.

You must always get your site performing FIRST, before driving traffic to it – ALWAYS. Especially if you’re driving PAID traffic.

Always optimize your site to convert first, then ramp up the traffic.

1000 visitors, and 1-3 sales???????

That’s 0.1-0.3%. That’s horrible.

Getting more traffic is NOT the answer. Improving your conversion rates with the traffic you already have – IS.

Most sites should be converting at at least 1%. Anywhere between 1-5% is respectable. Anything higher than 5% is fantastic. But 0.1% is just awful.

Chances are, you could increase your conversion rates from 0.1% to 1% just by making changes to your site. Trying to double or triple your traffic is only going to cause you more money, time and frustration.

If something is broken it doesn’t matter how much traffic you throw at it – it’s always going to be broken.