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Hi Emily

I like the look of the site, but as others have said, there are a few issues.

It looks like you don’t have one specific field, which is a problem – if readers are confused about your site – then so is google. Ideally you should set these up as 3 different websites – these things are very, very different – Poultry supplies, building supplies & spa supplies???

The title tag starts with “Buy from a Trusted Wholesaler…” this should be more specific about what you actually do – it should be your primary (specific) keywords here.

I recommend you (at least) set up top level menus for each area you work in – currently you have them listed in sub-menus. Then remove that side bar on the left (inner pages) it’s not a good idea to be talking about chooks & builders while trying to sell spa goodies (from both the reader & google’s perspective).

Also – I normally like sliders but I think in this case it’s just too confusing – maybe use the slider images on the top of each page instead of using a slider.

This headline on the home page “We Source Products for Small to Medium Australian Businesses” – this is just highlighting how confusing the website is, I suggest you engage a website writer to help you with the copy.

It makes me angry that the website providers are still building “non-responsive” websites – unbelievable really. You should at least have the phone numbers “clickable”.

Your About us page says nothing about you – that’s why people go to the about us page – to find out who you are.

The Facebook icon doesn’t go to your page – it just opens FB – consider putting a FB like box instead – then people can like you page without leaving your website. Your twitter page says you haven’t tweeted yet – you should remove the icon/link – that is worse than not having it.

Hope this helps