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I’ve said it before, the world is full of good and questionable service providers be it online or offline.

The buck unfortunately stops with the business.
The time needs to be invested in speaking with numerous vendors before making a decision and the contract needs to cover both sides.
If its sounds too cheap or too good to be true it likely is.
Whats too cheap? if you speak with 5+ providers of varied sizes, you should have a good insight.
This is no different to doing any other kind of deal.

In addition if you’re paying a respectable amount of $ to a web designer, seo or marketer you should be measuring their efforts independently.
We pay for home and car insurance for peace of mind. I don’t see why web should be any different, especially with globalisation.

The criticone audit to date has helped a large amount of businesses identify issues and rectify them before it hit the fan.

Ask yourself what are you doing to leverage and protect your online investment?