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bb1, post: 197454 wrote:
Intesting, I ust did a google search on my website, and it came up on page 1. I put mine together 3 or so years ago, have not changed it, no blog, no expertise, definitely no SEO, none of everything the SEO guru’s talk about.

Hey maybe I can market myself as an SEO guru.
Hi BB1,
Everyone’s website will rank #1 in Google to some search phrase. That has nothing to do with SEO.

SEO is about ensuring that people who are looking for the types of products or services you provide can find your information in the search engines. But that is only half the story…

Paul S made some excellent points about targeting the audience, info relevance and conversion. If potential customers find your info but don’t act on it, your website is a waste of time.

On top of that, important SE info delivery issues you ignore include:

  • An SEO should be targeting hundreds or thousands of search phrases not ONE or a handful. Start thinking about, who, what, where, when, why, how your indiviudual product’s or service’s info may be sought and you can see how quickly the individual search phrases you need to target can explode.
  • An SEO should be trying to ensure a client’s site scores multiple rankings on the first pages of Google results.

To add to your performance payment criteria, would you be prepared to pay 150 times the agreed price if the SEO got you the top 15 pages listed in a Google search for a specific term? There are SEOs around here who could own your house if you agreed to this sort of performance metric! (Nah, they’re too honourable, I hope.)

These sorts of results can be attained in some search markets but the payment maths is irrelevant because no one can calculate the value of the ranking to any specific search phrase in Google.

Can I humbly suggest you keep your day job instead of setting up as an SEO consultant? :D