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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi Amrinapanda,

I’m confused what the differences are between

To me this looks like almost duplicate content apart from your slider maybe. I would look at removing that index page if it’s not serving a purpose.

The later look, /index/, also tends to not “respond” very well to mobile and tablet sizes. The slider tends to get out of whack. It just doesn’t resize nicely and you can’t read the text on the slider.

As John W mentioned you’ll most likely struggle to target generic, organic, search engine keywords. The content is quite thin and I’m also not a huge fan of using a generic word such as “product” in your url. It’s already in your domain name. I’d prefer to see a brand or product category there.


On quick review it also seems like you’re not using the exact product name. For example you use:
Musashi Amino Blends Co Enzyme Q10 50mg 60c

but the product is called which some of your competitors are using.
Musashi Co Enzyme

I could be wrong however on my quick review and potentially your url may target less competitive keywords.

Take a look at your individual product pages too and the problem is that you’re Add to cart button doesn’t stand out within the rest of the colour. Put the focus on your add to cart and remove the colour from distracting areas.

I would also look at adding a call to action on every page that says something like
Ready to check out?
– Same day delivery*
– No minium order
– 100% satisfaction guarantee
– Australian owned

You’ll obviously know best on what your unique selling points are and I’m sure there are better than mine above.

The website speed is also a concern as John W mentioned. It feels clunky when I go to the website. You should increase that if possible and optimise your images and anything else.

Finally I think the images are a bit of a letdown. Some of them seem like the sizing has been warped i.e. objects look wider or shorter etc. It also looks like they’ve been compressed with a low jpeg quality which makes them grainy and not look crisp anymore.

I hope this helps