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Cody, post: 196660 wrote:

As the title suggests, I am after some expertise in relation to taxation. I am involved in a small business (partnership) in the start up phase. I tried outsourcing over elance, with little success.

Basically am seeking an expert contractor or business who can give ongoing advice in relation to all things small business tax. Registered tax agents preferred, but not necessary. I have a decent level of taxation knowledge (I should, I worked there for 3 years!) but everything time I jump on ato.gov.au my eyes glaze over.

I do not currently use any online accounting software, but am keeping accurate and current spread sheets.

If you think you can help, or know anyone that can please let me know.

Thanks very much,


Hi Cody

Were you able to find someone to help you with this?

I currently work for a well known mid-tier accounting firm (we are registered tax agents), we deal with a lot of small business in a wide range or industries. We also have a great deal of experience with a variety of online accounting software packages.

If you are still seeking assistance please feel free to contact me, my email is [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.