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webfreshing, post: 197345 wrote:
If you pay over $400, then you are paying too much.

I’ve got to disagree with you there.
Say I start charging $400 per logo, and spend an average of 8 hours on each job. After a while I get a good reputation, word of mouth spreads, and suddenly I’ve got more requests for logo designs then I can possibly handle because people like my style and want a logo created by me.

Should I continue to work to for about $50k a year (I did the maths :))for the rest of my life because that’s apparently the right amount to charge, or should I double, triple, etc. my prices because people are willing to pay for my talent?

Saying that all designers should charge no more than $400 for a logo is like saying that all actors should get paid no more than $50,000 for being in a movie.

For the record, I charge $400 for logo design…