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webfreshing, post: 197428 wrote:
I’m afraid I don’t agree. My pricing structure has nothing to do with how much work I have.
Anyway, this thread is about logo pricing etc, not about me giving business advice.
:DYou can’t suggest that demand has no influence on the cost of a product and service?


It makes sense that if a product is hugely in demand then the costs would generally be higher than a product with very low demand. It’s simply how business works.

If I had a million people wanting my sites, then you can bet your bottom dollar the prices would go up. (Of course reality is much more complex and each product and service is different.)

Every single commodity is traded that way. If suddenly demand for milk goes through the roof, then the prices rise and we find ourselves pay more for our butter. If coal demand goes up, then we see a rise in electricity prices.

It’s economy 101.

But yes your are right, this thread is about logo prices.


There is someone I know who charges $50,000 per site for a WordPress site. Why? Because he has people all over the world wanting to do their site. He doesn’t want to manage a large team, and thus he cranks his prices up so high that only a few people can afford it. And yes, he is booked out for the next two years.