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Thanks for the responses everyone.
I had noticed that QBO would need a 3rd party app to integrate to the web store which was a bit concerning and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Xero other than the inventory was not very good.

I guess the main reason I was looking for cheap and easy is simply I have no idea how this is going to go. I WANT it to work and I am going to try my absolute best to make it work. There are similar sites to what I will be selling but I am going to have a different range of products that they don’t sell, so I literally have no idea if I will sell 500 items a month or 5…..

QBO apparently allow you to leave at any time during the 12 months and only pay for the time used. I have signed up with them and if it turns out that business does boom I will look into Xero and possibly another 3rd party inventory solution.
I know this may not be the right thing to do in the long run but it is the best thing I can do right now as I don’t have a lot of money on hand to get this off the ground.

Hopefully business will boom at some point and I will spend an entire night manually entering invoices into QBO….then I will run over to Xero and wonder why I didn’t just go with them from the start :)

I guess now I just need to learn how to use QBO…