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Jenny Spring
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profitclicks, post: 197169 wrote:
Hi Guys!

Look forward to seeing your feedback on my freelance site http://www.profitclicks.com.au

I have started my business as a freelance Google Adwords company with a target audience of small to medium business owners.

Let me know what you think!


The header isn’t quite correct, because you don’t turn clicks into profits. You are at the beginning of the sales funnel aren’t you? You are in lead generation, working with suspects-prospects.

Is that right?

So I’d change the header a bit, because people definitely want your service, but if you say you are creating customers — that isn’t quite accurate.

Instead, I’d suggest you do a bigger headline around the placement and effectiveness of your ability to build excellent google ads.

Many businesses suffer with writing google ads that end up at the bottom of page, and also don’t really get the right people clicking through. I think if you create your main headline around this, then you might get better targetted business working with you.

Just my two bob’s worth!