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janbon, post: 197246 wrote:
Hi bluepenguin,

Thank you so much for your reply. That all makes sense the way you explained it.

In regards to putting a margin on the print job; I was planning on doing this, do you think somewhere between 10-15% is reasonable?

Thanks again, really appreciate your advice.

If I bring in a sub contractor, I add anywhere between 10 and 50% on top of their cost. It varies depending on how much work I have to put towards their component (ie you need to organise, posibly deliver, etc). Plus I look at what appears reasonable. on a $200 job, i would add a minimun of 25% but may run it to the full 50, whereas a $2000 job i may drop that to 15% to 30%. It all depends on the overall size of the complete job (subcontractor and my component).

Also remember if you are subcontracting a component of the work, you have additional risk, so make sure you take that into your calculation.