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bb1, post: 197252 wrote:
Is the small business festival a well kept secret or just poorly advertised.

I have just started noticing the advertising on Flying Solo, but otherwise I and many others I have spoken to had no idea it was on, and when you consider over a third of the festival is gone, not sure if many people have turned up.

It reminds me of the event the Victorian Government put on last it it also was poorly advertised, and when I enquired, it was not available to 70% of the small business community.

Great to see it advertised here, and hopefully they actually consult small business next year so that it is relevant, useful and better advertised.

Sorry FS if I am breaching one of your guidelines, I will understand if this one disappears..

BertI agree that there is more that could more done from the government.

However, our event was very well attended, but most of these people came from our marketing.