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Robert Gerrish
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Hi Bert

Thanks for your comment. It’s a little hard for us to judge as we know and see LOTS to do with the festival as Supporting Partners.

I know the Vic.Gov people plan the Festival events very carefully and have a thorough campaign of promotion. From what I’ve heard, events have been very well attended…but they’ve missed you in their marketing it seems!

So far we’ve been involved in a couple of webinars (with one more to come) and they’ve been hugely popular. This Wednesday’s had over 800 registrations, with 400+ joining live.

Anyways, it’s certainly harder and harder to get us soloists out of our businesses and to events, but personally I still love a face-to-face gathering.

Perhaps you can join us at the upcoming Small Business, BIG Marketing event, the line up of speakers is v impressive and Peter and I will be there.

Details and a special member offer here.

Robert :)