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bb1, post: 197347 wrote:
Just one question to start with do you plan to issue them and invoice on completion or are you thinking of doing cash only jobs

No invoicing, just cash only jobs.

Hatching_It, post: 197353 wrote:
Facebook might work, but only for consumers. You won’t get a business to use your services because they need that invoice to mark it in their business costs.

Why are you against registering as a business and doing it properly? It takes about 5 minutes to get an ABN and use something like Wave Accounting to issue invoices for free.

Yes you’ll pay tax on the income, but there’s no point avoiding tax if you have no clients paying you ;)

I only want to do this for a bit of pocket money. Not worried if I am busy or not
I work full time as IT support already and plan on getting into investing in property and shares

The computer thing is just a side job I was interested in