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Hi N45H,
Retention is about doing everything you can to be top of the “shopping list” when an existing client needs your services.

I suggest chronic pain sufferers become VERY educated and very quickly identify a phoney.

It is essential that you have satisfied clients to start with or you can’t retain them. If clients thinks the service is ineffective, if they feel they are being overserviced, etc. you can’t/won’t retain them.

“Retention” is about being mindful of your client’s needs and satisfying them.

  • It can be little things like a fridge magnet with your phone number on it.
  • It may be a newsletter you send out every 3 months that talks about latest research to do with pain management and other relevant issues. The newsletter may be emailed or snail mailed.

I’ve had a back injury for over 30 years. I believe I’ve tried everything in that time including going “under the knife” a couple of times.

I know I’m going to do something every so often that will require remedial therapy.

I will always go back to someone who has fixed my problem and I will travel quite a long way to get there even with a lot of pain when travelling.

  • Make it easy for me to find your phone number.
  • Shoot me encouragement to do the excercises I should be doing but don’t.
  • Tell me about the latest in pain management and research in a newsletter. That shows me you are keeping current with the latest remediation therapies/techniques.

That would keep me coming back to you.