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Remember you can also claim back the GST that you pay on the products & postage you buy in Australia.
Also you don’t have to register for GST until your revenue hits $75,000 for a 12 month period – so if you’re just starting out you don’t pay (or claim) GST (saves you money & especially time / accountant expenses). If/while you are not registered for GST your invoices & checkout should not show GST because your customers should not be able to claim it if you’re not registered for it.
You’ve probably seen your accountant by now, so hopefully they’ve explained it all.

Regarding postage – a few suggestions:
your $7 seems a bit low given a small satchel costs at least $7.43 (with discount for buying pack of 100). You may also need to buy bubble-wrap & sticky-tape. And then there’s your time taken to wrap and take them to the post office (& petrol). You might find it easier to use a post box instead of post office, but if you drop a parcel in a post box, it doesn’t get scanned until they are about to deliver it, which is not very helpful.
Are you sure, that if they buy multiple items it won’t exceed 500g?
$14+ for express is good, as you need to factor in, that when a customer chooses “express” they often expect it to be posted that day. This is fine when you’re doing a roaring trade and dispatching everyday but if you have a quiet period or just starting out it can be a hassle to drop what you’re doing to post one express order (especially if you work from home).

Good luck!
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