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AlanaC, post: 197665 wrote:
Hi All,

Friday is my last day at my job and then I’m FLYING SOLO!

I’m just wondering if any of you have set up a market stall and have had any success. I am thinking of going to the markets and the University of QLD on a Wednesday and the Carrara Markets on weekends. Maybe even moving into a bit more permanent pop up at somewhere like the west end markets. (these are all in Brisbane/ gold cost area for reference)

I guess I just don’t want to waste time and money setting up a stall for 1 or 2 sales.

p.s. I sell primarily swimwear but will also have jewellery and handmade crochet festival type tops etc as well.


Hi Alana,
Your product is gorgeous!! Not sure if your are still looking at markets but i thought id give my two cents :)
If you are considering Carrara markets, im assuming youre near the Gold Coast? If so, I would suggest The Village Markets (Burleigh and Paradise Point) orperhaps the Miami Marketta Arts and Creative markets. I feel your target market would more likely shop there.
I think your product would do well, and it would then give great exposure to your online store if you did not want to pursue it regularly.

Good luck hope to see your stall or shop someday soon!