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Only managed to have a look at your homepage but these are my thoughts:

The homepage was quite a lot going on and looks quite cluttered. This can be off-putting for potential customers, especially if it’s the first page on your site that they are coming across.

The design on the homepage doesn’t look overly professional at the moment so agree with the comments about getting a designer involved. It’s fine at the top but from the headers downwards, it looks a bit DIY and that can be off-putting for potential customers.

Agree with previous comments about using a Gmail address. It doesn’t cost too much to buy a domain email and it will look a whole lot more professional. At the moment, the Gmail contact being so visible on the homepage really draws attention to it and you’re running a big risk that people will then associate the business as a whole as being similarly unprofessional. People tend to have much more trust in a domain email so I’d definitely recommend getting one.

If your site stats show that people are bouncing quickly from the homepage, it may be things like this that are putting them off.