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onepointsoftwaresolutions, post: 197839 wrote:
Hi Tas,

The Zebra printers come with ZebraDesigner (there is also a pro version which is not included) that will let you design and print the labels from there. https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products-services/software/zebralink/zebra-designer.html#mainpartabscontainer_71ac=downloads Not sure if you can import from excel in the free version. The GX420D is the base level for desktop printers I believe.

If you want to know more specifics about the Zebras I’d recommend talking to Peacock Bros they have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. You may be better off ordering from somewhere else though but they should be able to answer any questions you have. http://www.peacocks.com.au/zebra_GK420d

Happy printing



Thank you very much for that i really appreciate it.