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Re: What is the most important attribute of an e-com site?

Zava Design, post: 197513 wrote:
Nothing for responsiveness at all? Would think that should be in any list of important elements for any website nowadays. Perhaps not #1, but somewhere up there.
Hi Zava,
That’s a real can of worms you raise.

Responsive design is a technical solution to displaying pictures and images on a very small screen.

IMHO, if your primary concern is the communications process, it is usually a very poor solution.

I defy anyone to communicate as well on a Smartphone sized screen as they can on a 1900 pixel wide desktop monitor. It’s a fact of life based on our mental and physical attributes and the evolution of our species.

It seems to me that responsive web design is a flawed and compromised solution to a very complex set of communication problems.

Then there is load speed…

All the studies I’ve read indicate that load speed is the most important website attribute for mobile users and that they will start cancelling visits to sites when they are slower than about 2 seconds.

Here is one article on how much responsive design slows down website access:

Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design: Quantifying the Difference on Mobile

In so many situations, the info that Smartphone users want is so completely different to what desktop and tablet users want and that may mean it is better to totally restructure a Smartphone site to a desktop/tablet site. In such a situation, responsive design would not be the preferred solution.

The big negative is that this solution is much more expensive!

I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all and easy solution to the problems that small screen Smartphones have brought to us.

I’m reminded of the early days of TV ads. What they did was record actors standing at mikes in their tuxedos reading ads. They were televised radio ads.

The ad producers did not realise the crucial communications difference between the two media.

Sixty years later, we are making the same communications mistakes with responsive design as we did with radio, IMHO folks.