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estim8, post: 197902 wrote:
One of the things that really got me initially interested in responsive sites, was the concept of “sequential browsing” as promoted by Google … this article and info graphic is a little dated maybe, but it does offer some interesting findings on how people browse on multiple device types;

article link

It does go someway to explaining what you may be seeing as consumer behaviour on a phone.

…Maybe the days of cheap ecommerce sites “that work” are numbered, there’s now just too much to consider if you want get it right.

Hi Estim8,
Good article.

Poor old Google. It is pushing out every spin it can to justify its ad usage on Smartphones. (I’ve read studies that estimated 40% of ad clicks on Smartphones are accidental.)

The fact is Google search is a poor user experience on a Smartphone compared to its use with a large keyboard in a stable location and a big monitor.

Dec 13: Survey: Majority Use Mobile Search, Find It “Harder Than PC”

“Searching on a mobile phone is harder than on the PC — 61.4 percent”

The truth is we are still in our infancy with learning how to integrate Smartphones and other digital communications in the marketing mix.

I recommend this study to serious marketers:

Mobile Path to Purchase

“The results of these studies provide valuable insights into the mobile tools utilized in the process of research and decision, and strong mobile user intent to purchase.”

This research explores a small number of market segments yet it clearly shows there are many wide ranging differences in how, when, where and why people use Smartphones in various consumer purchases.

I’m not arguing against the need to plan for Smartphone enabled sites, I’m trying to demonstrate how complex the issues are.

IMHO, we cannot generalise. Each situation potentially has different answers.