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This has been a long circular thread.

My two cents…

Responsive is the easiest and best way for small businesses to get a decent mobile website.

Yes, it’s not perfect, but I know small businesses that are paying their rent selling online with a good percentage coming from mobiles.

Could they do it better? Yes of course. Who is going to pay for it?

I think the statement:

Most of the money spent on the web over the last 20 years has been wasted

Is not really fair. Yes, it may be true, but it’s the same for all forms of marketing, and sells hard working people who are wasting it short.

I embarked on a Adwords campaign once that cost me a lot with zero results. Yes I wasted it but I learnt something from it and at least I gave it a go. You need to make mistakes before you start getting things right.

Anyway, I think this thread jumped the shark 14 posts ago.