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Well at least we’re getting to some practical advice rather than theory…

But I have to disagree with what you are prioritising. What’s more important, page load speed or results? I will always put results first, each and every time.

I had a prospective client ask me recently, do my websites pass website standards tests. I said, I really have no idea, as the goal of any website I build is to meet my clients’ business & communication objectives, not to pass any technical test. I do build my sites along best practice guidelines with regards to markup, and how the content is formatted. And going on the SEO results I achieve from newly launched sites I think I’m doing pretty well with what I do. But in the end, I focus on business objectives not technical ones. When they correlate all the better.

I will say the same with page load speeds. Yes, the objective should be to reduce page load speeds to as minimal as possible. This is actually true of any website, be it mobile or desktop. However over and above any technical measurement is does it achieve the business objectives desired. If it was only about page load speeds then every website would be black text on a plain white background. And it’s kind of interesting that you as a marketing person are focusing on the technical aspects first, rather than the business objectives.

Speaking as someone with a technical background, I will say that judging any website purely on a page load time is missing out on most of what makes a website effective or not. I have seen very fast loading websites that have not got even close to achieving their business objectives. I have also seen very slow (relatively) loading websites achieve far above their expected business objectives. Focusing on one particular aspect of a website is missing out on the majority of what makes a site effective imho.