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Andy there’s a few things you haven’t mentioned that really make a big difference to the platform recommended.

What’s your budget?
How much do you want to grow this part of the business?
What kind of logistical processes do you have?
Are you currently doing any marketing and if not, do you want to take that next step?

All four questions are strongly linked to each other. If you want focus on marketing that business to help it grow you need to consider how you’ll logistically handle it once it does.

If you’re not quite at the stage where you want to start spending thousands of dollars a month on marketing and are still handling orders in a rather ad-hoc fashion (printing invoices, shipping labels manually, handling orders yourself etc) then a WooCommerce or OpenCart site would be best for you. You could probably even build most of it yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to start investing in a lot of marketing, you need to make that traffic work for you. Once that traffic starts buying from you, you need a way of handling their orders in an automated way, you want remarketing and cart abandonment marketing happening on it’s own too. At this stage, Magento is a much better investment, but will likely cost you $5k – $10k, all the way up to $20k+.

So, are you able to answer those questions?

I’m in no way trying to undermine your business, just want to make sure you build your new site on the right platform that is going to work for your business at this stage in it’s life.