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Hi Maclean,

All very valid and important points, I totally agree.

We are still a small venture and while it has grown, we don’t envisage it taking over our current full time employment. The business is serious, but not “planned” to be grown into an empire. If its heading that way, we will certainly drive it that way, but in the meantime, happy to keep it relatively small and fulfill the niche we fill in the market very well.

Regarding finances and marketing, we have solely used social media, forums, our blog and word of mouth. We haven’t “paid” for any marketing. We are very happy with the return so far and with current growth don’t actually forecast any need to spend in this area.

The webstore budget is relatively small, under $3k preferably. This was the reason I was looking into areas such as Bigcommerce, woocommerce, etc.

Logistically, ‘ad-hoc’ is pretty spot on. There is a process, but it is manual picking, packing, order printing.