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alliedib, post: 197947 wrote:
Slightly OT, but I remember being told about an apiarist that had an opportunity to sell at one of Sydney’s ’boutique’ inner city markets.

He took some product priced and labelled the same as what he sells in my town (lets say 1kg for $10), only to return with very few sales…

The next time, he took his product labelled as “100% organic” and sold them in smaller quantities (say $5 for 250gm). They flew off the stall!

Marketing Marketing Marketing – all pure honey is 100% Organic from what I am told – but with the normal label there was no feelgood factor that the inner-city set needed…

Misrepresentation – no. Reinforcement – most definitely!



It’s pretty sad that to be an effective salesperson you’ve got to have a whole dictionary of synonyms up your sleeve. See I would be happy to purchase honey that was sold without the “100% organic” label and would immediately question any product sold as “organic”. It reminds me of the whole “Organic S*****s” debate where a company tried to sell “organic” bottled water and was forced to change it to “original S*****s”!

Organic water!!! What has the world come to!!