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Jenny Spring
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Lildukesndivas, post: 198299 wrote:
Im not too internet Savvy, but Im doing the best I can on a budget and with limited resources. I am paying for advertising on Facebook as it seems to be the only way 1. people see my posts at all and 2. To get the sales.

If anyone is interested taking a look at my social media and website for any ideas of what I should NOT be doing that would be very greatful.





I would just people to see if there are any changes I could make to make the customers experience better or any tips on what I could do to make it successful. I don’t understand the way google works so I am not getting much feed from the internet only from facebook which I prefer to do most business anyway.

Hi from Perth Vicky!

Your website is pretty good, I like it, and although there are some tweaks I’d make, you’ve got good structure.

If you are running Facebook ads — great! Facebook is proving to be a fantastic platform for targetted segmented ads and I’m having excellent success for many customers; There are some rules though.

1. don’t waste your money boosting a post
2. don’t waste your money on likes — it is almost impossible to convert them to sales
3. if your ads are driving people to your website — again – throwing money away

The best way to capitalise on your Facebook ads is to build your email list, and then market that way. It is definitely the best shoestring marketing way to do it.

you can build the ads once, build the landing page once, build a series of emails (usualy 5-6) and load them up, and then turn on and off the ads whenever you want. It works very well.

Please don’t waste time like one of my customers, who built her facebook page to 52,000, and isn’t making any money.