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Byron Trzeciak
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Jenny Spring, post: 198392 wrote:
Your website is pretty good, I like it, and although there are some tweaks I’d make, you’ve got good structure.

I disagree, the structure needs some work. You might mean from a menu or human perspective Jenny and I can see some improvements have been made already. However I mean in terms of search engine optimisation your site will likely still struggle.

Let’s take a look at this url for example

The url itself will struggle to be found, “collections” and “products” are fairly generic meaningless. A nice URL structure might look something like this


So your website might then be able to target searches such as “children animal shoes” or “girls animal shoes” or “childen clothing girls”. Again I don’t know what the best terms are for your website but hopefully this gets the point across.

Jenny Spring, post: 198392 wrote:
1. don’t waste your money boosting a post
2. don’t waste your money on likes — it is almost impossible to convert them to sales
3. if your ads are driving people to your website — again – throwing money away

You need to be careful with this if you don’t have the data to form the right answer. I don’t disagree with Jenny as I see many businesses wasting their money on Facebook advertising. If you’re running an ecommerce store the first thing you need to do is start tracking sales and conversions (i.e when some one buys you product) by setting up google analytic goals.

If you do Facebook advertising you need to assign the url in your advert a unique code so that you can track the visitor when it arrives to your website. In doing so you’ll be able to see how many visitors your site received, from your advertising, and how many of those visitors converted into business showing you your return.

Jenny Spring, post: 198392 wrote:
The best way to capitalise on your Facebook ads is to build your email list, and then market that way. It is definitely the best shoestring marketing way to do it.

Jenny is correct in that email marketing in any business is important however in eCommerce I feel is especially critical. So many online stores are struggling for numerous reasons but mostly it’s because they lack any ability to bring traffic to their website organically or secondly because they don’t have any email addresses to market newsletters or targeted content towards.

Does your checkout process send email addresses to a mailing list?

Jenny Spring, post: 198392 wrote:
Please don’t waste time like one of my customers, who built her facebook page to 52,000, and isn’t making any money.

Absolutely, don’t do this. This is why I asked you how much you’re spending on your marketing spend. It’s likely not huge but be aware of how much you’re spending. You might be better investing that money in someone to help you reach your goals.