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Cat will handle all of that for you.

As an example, I come to an agreement with a supplier in China, I pay them for supply and then I introduce them to Cat.

She handles documentation, clearing, warehousing and transport to Canberra for me.

So all I do is negotiate the cost for products with the supplier and then go and pick them up from the depot in Canberra, Global Logistics handles everything else and they are by far the easiest to work with and the cheapest I’ve found as well.

I can’t give you a cost because its all different depending on what you’re importing and how big it is. It usually costs me $700-$1000 in freight, customs, tax etc for 1-2 cubic metres valued at $2000-$3000 from Ningbo, ShenZhen etc

Usually by sea you’re looking at a minimum of about $500 in customs, documents etc.

Give Cat a call tomorrow and she’ll be able to give you an exact cost.