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Jenny Spring
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adrn, post: 198375 wrote:

First time post here :)

I just recently contacted a supplier through alibaba. He is able to ship products around 70kg for free by sea freight to Sydney Port.

The cost of the goods is < $1000 so I guess I can avoid paying duty and gst. I’m just wondering, what do I need to do to collect the shipment? Do I need to use a shipping agent in Australia? Also, any tips to make sure that the supplier deliver? He takes paypal / credit card so I guess that’s quite secure as I can chargeback credit card if the supplier is dodgy.. Thanks, They are probably referring to FOB. You are best to get this first shipment done through a freight forwarding agent. There are kajillions of hidden charges in shipping. I know, I imported from Vietnam for 10 years. Nothing is free! Pay a forwarder to do this one and get it right. It will probably cost you about $110 for them to process it for you. Jenny