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Byron Trzeciak
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It depends on how you’re using social media for your business.

Your aim should always be to develop content on your website first and then use that content to attract visitors from social media. It’s all part of diversifying your traffic from search engines and getting more eyes on your content for minimal effort.

If your strategy involves:

  • Leaving traffic on social platforms
  • Images of cats and coffee
  • 1000s of paid Likes from promotion yet no engagement on updates
  • Posting content that is irrelevant to your industry & audience

then there is a strong argument that you’re doing it wrong.

Realistically the social part of things shouldn’t take a significant part out of your day, I spend 30 minutes max. Stop worrying about vanity metrics or socialising all day, it’s pointless. Use tools like buffer to spread status updates across many social platforms, quick and easy.

The only way you can track if it’s a worthwhile investment of your time is by tracking where your customers come from.