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LuchiaBloomfield, post: 199713 wrote:
There’s a very popular saying that reads something like “build it and they will come”. This may have been true when the internet wasn’t saturated with millions of websites, but the same cannot be said about today’s modern internet community.

You need to market and promote the hell out of yourself otherwise they *will not* come. Don’t cut yourself short on something that could prove very useful to you.

That is so true! So many people just take a few tentative steps on social media, expect people to magically find them and then complain that it’s not working when they inevitably don’t get the results that they were expecting.

Online marketing *can* be a very good way to attract and stay in touch with customers but you definitely have to help them to find you in the first place, as with most marketing. And the same goes for websites, as you rightly point out.